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Nano Sotfr 14 mar 2013, ore 15:09
Traduction française? - French Translation?
Can we hope a french translation?
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theowaern  [sviluppatore] 18 mar 2013, ore 10:26 
Yeah, we've got a french text translation in the works. As well as Spanish, Italian and German. Slooooowly getting there. The actual translation has gone fairly fast. It's the technical side of things that's slowing us down. Not that it is tricky, but because we right now prefer to keep our main focus on chapter two, rather than patching chapter one.

We'll get there in due time though, don't worry. :)
Nano Sotfr 18 mar 2013, ore 12:29 
Okay, I hope so, cause it is difficult to enjoy the game content ;D
Rapso 20 lug 2013, ore 4:29 
Im waiting for the spanish translation too for buy the game :P
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