[Linux] UZzK5RDF Jun 20, 2014 @ 2:52pm
Length of this chapter?
I understand this is only chapter one, I have three questions:-

1. How long is this chapter?
2. How many chapters will there be?
3. Are you going to name your chapters in alphanumeric order (I.E. so on my Steam library they're in order, and not "five four one three two" (Alphanumeric order)?

The last one is a huge deal breaker for me, I don't want "Chapter Three" to appear between "Chapter One" and "Chapter Two", because "Th" is after "O" and before "Tw".
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Amerika Jun 21, 2014 @ 1:40am 
That is some OCD you got there. Valid complaint but that is typically a very minor thing for most people :)
TOG | ProfessorAnthrax Jun 22, 2014 @ 1:50am 
Actually, that's something I wouldn't have thought about but the devs should definitely think it through. Makes sense to me.
Oh, and I don't have the game yet so I can't give you any answers, sorry.
theowaern  [developer] Jun 26, 2014 @ 1:02pm 
Chapter one is anywhere between two and five hours in length depending on your experience with similar games. Chapter Two is substantially longer however. :)
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