starmario36 Mar 14 @ 10:02am
quake 3 reseloution problem
whenever i set quake 3 to a higher reseloution i keep getting messages on the console saying

Initializing OpenGL driver
...WARNING: fullscreen unavailable in this mode
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
----- CL_Shutdown -----
RE_Shutdown( 1 )
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

can anyone help me fix this problem?
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Colin May 4 @ 5:45am 
Try this:

You don't need to edit anything and it worlks fine at 1920x1080 on Win7 64 bit. I downloaded the demo yesterday and it took me back in time. It's a great, fun game.
starmario36 May 4 @ 11:29am 
awesome it works!! thx alot!
binaryrooster May 8 @ 5:38am 
Thanks a million! This worked perfectly on Windows 8 64 bit.
bierbaron May 10 @ 1:49pm 
What it does is create a shortcut to quake3.exe with switches as follows:
+set r_fullscreen "1" +set r_customaspect "1" +set r_customwidth "1920" +set r_customheight "1080" +set r_mode "-1"
ChopStiR23 Jun 5 @ 6:30am 
Awesome, cheers for the link Colin. Did the job and was exactly what I needed.
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