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floogles 2012年11月15日 10時08分
Stanley Parable error "could not load library client"
Been trying to get the Source mod "Stanley Parable" to work, but I keep getting "could not load library client" each time.

Have reinstalled multiple times, installed source SDK, it shows up in steam fine, and all my other HL2 mods work, have HL2 plus ep1/2.

I emailed the creator of the mod directly, and he said "lots of people" have emailed him with this exact problem, but he has no idea why it's happening.

I'm happy to wait for his HD remix greenlight to come up, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea about what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

oh yeah - I have verified cache integrity on the source sdk too.

edit - apologies if posted in the wrong forum, please indicate if incorrect.
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Legandaryhon 2012年11月15日 15時37分 
Ask steam help. 0-0
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