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Gozulio 2012年11月11日下午5:26
Memory could not be read
an old problem "0x########, the referred memory could not be "read" ". but anything and everything that i have read has not fixed the issue.
removing modules of ram
switching start-up settings
testing the RAM (although it was a waste of time, it only gives me an error when i run HL2 and not any other games
i basically fallowed the steam support to the letter and it didn't do anything (only differences in performance where when i was multitasking, the game would blue screen rather then give me an error). the exact area the game is crashing is the very start of route canal(3rd level). when you are about to kill the CP. as soon as i hit the guy it either crashes or gives me a BSoD (very annoying)
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Gozulio 2012年11月11日下午5:31 
disregaurd this... i literoly jsut got it to work >///>
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