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brandi 10. Nov. 2012 um 5:25 Uhr
loading problem in HL2 (steam on mac)
hey guys, i have a problem with the game.

I played HL2 on a mac but didn't play for months and recently got a new harddive. I made a clean install of everything and today decided to continue playing HL2, so i installed it again. upon start steam told me my savegames in the cloud and on my hdd were in conflict so i chose the ones from the cloud since those are the ones where I stopped playing. dunno where the ones on my hdd came from since it was a clean isntall, maybe from an old backup folder that is on my external hdd?

anyway. i loaded the last savegame and continued to play (ravenholm, yay). so far, so good. now at the point where the reverend guy shows up and i go inside the building where a new loading screen appears, the game doesn't load the next sequence but just kicks me out of the game and i see the main menu. same when i "leave" ravenholm into the other direction to the prior loading screen.

so basically i can only play the first sequence of ravenholm because the game won't let me continue whenever it needs to load the next part. any idea what the problem could be and how to solve it? i really dont want to start from the beginning again. thanks a lot!

TL;DR: game won't load next/prior sequence and instead leads me to main menu. i use steam on macOS.
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