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Unibeef 2012年10月30日上午10:12
I Cant get "No more room in hell" Working
It doesn´t show up D:
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Major Havoc 2012年10月30日上午10:34 
Did you install it into your sourcmods folder? Oh, and do you have Half-Life 2 installed and have played it for a few minutes too?
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Unibeef 2012年10月30日上午11:05 
I have it in the sourcemods folder and ive played Half-Life 2 for over 2 hours now
Major Havoc 2012年10月30日上午11:47 
Did you restart Steam after the install? If so, I would try downloading the mod from a different site since there may have been a packet error in the files you downloaded.
Unibeef 2012年10月30日下午12:51 
I did restart steam, and i downloaded it from "www.nomoreroominhell.com" then they link you to "www.moddb.com" and u download it from there
pizzahut 2012年10月31日上午5:35 
Go to the Tools section of Steam (via menu or library) and get "Source SDK Base 2007".
Unibeef 2012年10月31日上午6:10 
i have that
Unibeef 2012年11月1日上午6:13 
Now what?
bobbybill12 2012年11月4日上午10:44 
i wouldn't worry about it, i've played that mod before and it isn't very good, well at least in my opinion.
Unibeef 2012年11月5日上午8:39 
well, i got it working and its awesome :D
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