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General Vandarius/KainiaKaria 2012年10月16日 3時25分
If You Want To Look at The Beta, Play The Game The Entire First Before You Play The Beta
If You Want To Look at The Beta and This Also Includes Missing Information, Play The Entire Game First Before You Play The Beta.

If You Play The Beta or Missing Information First Before You Play The Game, It Is Not Valve's Fault for Making The Game Bad, It Is Your Fault for Making The Game Bad If You Complain That Valve Made The Game Bad.
最近の変更はGeneral Vandarius/KainiaKariaが行いました; 2012年10月16日 3時26分
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ExtraCheesyPie 2012年11月8日 14時55分 
Why Are You Typing Like This Aren't You Just Making It Harder For Yourself Jeez How Can You Stand It.

And People Play The Beta First?
[Avanic][Δ] ƒιяєαяяσω133 2012年11月12日 12時37分 
You can't control us! We're free.
Norr 2012年11月12日 12時46分 
There is one element from the beta that would've been really useful in some situations: the fire extinguiser. And another note: Why would you play the beta before you play the real game at all? It makes no sence whatsoever.

And I see your point. The beta spoils some of the story. Go figure.
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