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Marquis 27/set/2012 às 15:46
What's your favourite weapon in the series?
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Thoraskin, Plainswalker 27/set/2012 às 19:16 
Shotgun that you get from the Priest in the zombie/head crab thing
Varia 28/set/2012 às 7:25 
im not sure i like them all but crossbow can instant kill
[SLOTH] ExTr3Me 2D 28/set/2012 às 8:45 
shotgun and crossbow :D
BTS 28/set/2012 às 10:02 
HL - Glock
HL:OF - M243
HL:BS - M4A1
HL2, HL2:EP1, HL:EP2: Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle (Combine Assault Rifle)
Maxie 28/set/2012 às 17:33 
Egon from HL1
A Drunken Taffer 29/set/2012 às 10:23 
Combine Assault Rifle
Struan.j2 29/set/2012 às 13:54 
Dark Energy Gravity Gun. Felt like a God. :-)
Frank 30/set/2012 às 17:01 
INoahGuyyy 1/out/2012 às 17:30 
Vrutt 6/out/2012 às 8:36 
My favorite is gravity gun and crossbow
Takatalvi™ 6/out/2012 às 22:06 
Shotgun and SMG but i use the pistol quite often to kill the bloody headcrabs and some other ♥♥♥♥
oakleygunn117 7/out/2012 às 7:13 
gravity gun with saw peice
Artificial Mayo 7/out/2012 às 13:15 
Buzzsaw son!
cashilysh [Saure Hefe] 8/out/2012 às 7:34 
Skooginator 9/out/2012 às 16:47 
Magnum with a steady hand for insta kill badass headshots.
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