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NOT USED ANYMORE 2012年9月15日 17時39分
I don't want to go to Ravenholm.
Is that a problem?
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mjwj4kjwedhkwj4h5dkjh 2012年9月16日 3時02分 
Not at all.

But hey, if you can get through it only using the grav gun you'll get an achievement for it. :)
~|{★*Kud*★}|~ 2012年9月16日 9時52分 
Hahaha it's not a problem if you don't care about finishing HL2 :P
Eames 2012年9月17日 1時30分 
I remember my first playthrough. Was scared ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, whole chapter seemed endless and the light tunnel in the end was an incredible relief.

Now playing it god-knows-which-time again, it seems too short and unchallenging :)
最近の変更はEamesが行いました; 2012年9月17日 1時30分
Kurohyou 2012年9月17日 8時57分 
hmm... i didnt know you got an achievement for going through with just the grav gun... guess ill have to find time to go back and do that :P
1hp super cookie with evil hats 2012年9月18日 8時40分 
Take a helmett for the pesky head crabs.
badboy466 2012年9月18日 11時46分 
I dont like ravenholm either, but once you complete it you will have so much fun on the rest of the game. :) btw if you want to know where to go youtube/google it :D
Carty 2012年9月18日 12時53分 
I love Ravenholm :) You can drop cars on zombies, you can throw sawblades at zombies, you can throw propane tanks at zombies... Besides, father Grigori is probably my favourite NPC in the whole game (He kinda reminds me of Father McGruder - the kung-fu priest in Brain Dead). It's a great place (except for the zombies, that throw headcrabs at you, i hate them).
Delta 2012年9月26日 13時49分 
Just dont stand in one place for too long and you wont Hear screaming
A Drunken Taffer 2012年9月29日 10時24分 
Ravenholm is horrific. Even now on my billionth play through, it still ♥♥♥♥♥ me right up.
Sparkly Sparkly Pokon 2012年9月29日 11時42分 
Waiting for that elevator is the worst art if you're using the Gravity Gun only, since there's prett7y much nothing you can use against enemies in the small room you're in. I ended up hitting the call button, then jumping down to the streets and running around while the fast zombies chased me as I climbed my way back up. AND THE ELEVATOR STILL WASN'T THERE.

Always has a saw blade on you. Always.
Struan 2012年9月29日 14時11分 
Ravenholm is probably the scariest part of HL2. (HL1 was scarier all the way through.) Try not to use explosives till you need to as there are loads lying around and if you can beat most of the zombies with something solid you'll have loads as backup.
Frank 2012年9月30日 17時24分 
Don't worry Mario, it will be like stomping on a ♥♥♥♥ ton of Goombas except maybe for the Fast Zombies...
Takatalvi™ 2012年10月6日 22時08分 
Yes it is a problem cuz you wont end the game
Jesus and his gay tendencies 2012年11月2日 11時47分 
Listen I was worried about ravenholm because everyone said it was scary but i played it and it was fine and im a person whos does not like being scared
_GoldSrc_ 2012年11月24日 20時01分 
Guns, who needs weapons in Ravenholm when you have the awesome Gravity gun and probably D0g's ball, like i did.
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