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Hollow Of Dawn 2012年9月10日上午6:24
Teens trash Van for Half-Life 3 protest

2 Teens (?) thought that it would be smart to commit vandalism in the name of wanting Half-Life 3.

Be careful: They're armed and dangerous.
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tRОХu 2012年9月10日上午8:09 
Lol, kid with hammer should eat something earlier.
§olemn 2012年9月10日下午12:21 
Rage much? The kid with the Sledgehammer should have eaten his wheaties. And a crowbar? Not gonna do jack shi* to a van. :) And Half Life 3 has been released recently I believe.
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delorisvangilder 2012年9月10日下午3:26 
byne 2012年9月11日下午2:44 
Two weaklings + van + hammers = the funniest half-life physics puzzle ever.
gta56281 2012年9月11日下午5:19 
ElectroRobotic 2012年9月12日下午11:45 
引用自 Sollemn_Warrior
Half Life 3 has been released recently I believe.
No it has not. Been since 2007 since an episode came out.
_GoldSrc_ 2012年11月24日下午8:23 
That was funny, the little kid using the sledgehammer xD.
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