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OzLefty76 2012年9月8日下午2:46
How is it that only 31% of HL2 owners on Steam have actually got past the apartment block raid at the beginning?
Must be some people who've bought it on a sale and never fired it up (in which case JESUS CHRIST PLAY IT YOU'RE MISSING OUT) or maybe who played it before achievements and never went back... but Jesus. That's a huge proportion of copies that haven't exactly been used!
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desertman2 2012年9月8日下午4:37 
I'm sure many of the people got the game in a bundle, such as the Orange Box, and are not interested in Half-Life.
Crooow 2012年9月8日下午5:36 
Agreed with desertman2. But I think that people intrested in the orange box probably would of wanted it for half life, because you can get portal and tf2 both cheaper than buying the OB. I think more people probably went for the Valve complete pack.
Turtleey 2012年9月8日下午6:05 
If you're going off the "escaped apartment block" achievement, enabling any cheat disables achievements. A lot of people probably ♥♥♥♥ed around and noclipped early in the game, so that would contribute to the number.

But yeah, I agree with the bundle theory.
Rad Russian 2012年9月8日下午6:56 
Most people that have it played it way before it was even bound to Steam. I've completed it about 15 times, every single time before the achievements even existed.
Grimroc 2012年9月8日下午10:06 
I actually have completed Half-Life 2 numerous times, on both PC, XBOX, and XBOX 360. However, I have not really touched Half-Life 2 on PC since it went achievements. I'm replaying through it now though :)

Plan to replay through the other episodes as well.
Dendjyr Dunce 2012年9月8日下午10:49 
I'm with Rad Russian... when I completed it, there were no achievements... and now I'm playing it with FakeFactory 11 ... which I believe doesn't communicate with your steam account.
pisiorek 2012年9月8日下午11:54 
I think people buy it because it's cheap and gives you Source so you can play mods.
OzLefty76 2012年9月9日上午2:02 
It's a bit sad that people buy it and then don't play it, missing out on one of the greatest PC games of all time.
hj8ag 2012年9月9日上午4:38 
It could be a lot of people played back at launch and not really again since... That's the case for me anyway
Ishmael 2012年9月9日上午5:38 
There's also the fact that you can't earn achievements playing offline.
Klogg 2012年9月9日上午8:04 
So, to summarize:
- achievements don't unlock on cheats
- people played it before achievements existed
- people play it on other platforms than Steam, or just pirated copy from torrents
- people just wanted some other games and HL2 happened to be in the bundle
- they buy it only to have Source game so you can play mods (since SDK is now free, that's not the case anymore, but it was back then)
- people play it on offline mode
- there were some random kids who launched the game, said "meh" (or they didn't even look at system requirements, and the game lagged and freezed so much they angrily turned the game off) and didn't play it anymore, sticking to MMORPGs or some sort of things like that

that all contributes greatly to this small percentage, but it may indeed seem weird.
最后由 Klogg 编辑于; 2012年9月9日上午8:10
yeah im going with 1199 because in a few days black mesa scource is coming and you need a scource and black mesa in basicaly a distraction from half life 3
Supersolenoid 2012年9月9日上午10:50 
I've completed halflife 2 about 10 times, but have only got to 'route canal' so far on my steam copy. It doesn't mean people haven't played it before hand. I have the orange box on steam, given as a gift , of which i only really play Team Fortress 2 regularly, as I have completed the hl games and portal many times over previously on console etc.

I see your point though and if anyone does own halflife 2 and hasn't ever played it through, you really only have two options : 1)play the game, it's incredible, and a very important piece of gaming history or 2) Go shoot yourself. It's that simple.:)
Dresrispek 2012年9月10日下午8:55 
I think people were just dissapointed in the fact that you can't make corpses explode by hitting them with a crowbar like in the original half life
OzLefty76 2012年9月11日上午12:54 
Ha, yes. That's why it's the WORST GAME EVER.
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