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bensalih94 2012年9月5日 1時38分
Help please!
I don't play computer games much and my laptop is pretty basic. I have a graphics performance level of 3.3 according to the windows performance checker. No graphics card or anything. Is that going to be enough to play half-life 2? Would appreciate the help
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TheWarCatz 2012年9月5日 1時54分 
A potato can run Half Life 2, even intergrated graphics can run this on Medium or even High (depends)
Artic 2012年9月5日 1時56分 
Game properties > Set launch options > -dxlevel 70
This provides minimal graphics
Artic 2012年9月5日 1時59分 
Or use this commands in console or in config file:
mat_bumpmap "0"
mat_specular "0"
mat_fullbright "1"
mat_picmip "5"
r_shadows "0"
r_lod "5"
mat_filterlightmaps "0"
mat_filtertextures "0"

It make graphics like this http://bbs.nashalife.ru/attachment_800_259663bdf8653f672d13a46c0f05dd66.jpg
bensalih94 2012年9月5日 2時06分 
cool, thanks guys
Slev!n Kelevr@ 2012年9月5日 14時53分 
Don't worry, Half-Life 2 was designed in times (2005) when computers weren't as powerful as they are now.
I played it, at low-medium detail and HD 720p resolution, on a pc with 1.5 GHz AMD Athlon cpu, 512 MB DDR1-RAM and an Ati 9600 with no problems.

Don't bother with console commands, the game should set automatically the best detail level, and you can change it at any moment.
Redshimmy 2012年9月12日 13時32分 
it plays fine on my laptop with intergrated intel graphics, even on high settings. cant beat the valve engine.
_GoldSrc_ 2012年11月24日 20時13分 
You can't go wrong with Source, good looking games without buying a new computer :D
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