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Cake 2013年9月14日下午12:54
Gordon Freeman will NOT run. walking sucks..
I cannot for the life of me get him to run, he always walks.. I tried chaning the key settings and he still walks, can't beat the first level because he walks to slow. Help?
最后由 Cake 编辑于; 2013年9月14日下午12:55
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Bucket™ 2013年9月14日下午1:31 
Same happend to me CakeAddict i've been looking every where on the web for a way to fix it, so far found nothing.
Cake 2013年9月14日下午1:53 
Well i am glad i am not alone, i really want to play the game but it's unplayable like this. hmm interesting.
how sharp are they? 2013年9月14日下午2:17 
I feel like starting a thread called:

Cake 2013年9月14日下午5:01 
Thanks!! It worked, woo!
brandosauce 2013年9月14日下午10:08 
I can't get my console to open... what should I do?
r3v3ng 2013年9月14日下午10:19 
引用自 brandosauce
I can't get my console to open... what should I do?
go to keyboard -> advanced -> ensure the checkbox next to dev console is checked
brandosauce 2013年9月14日下午10:30 
thanks so much! I got it to work and I cleared the level!
Banan 2013年9月15日上午12:00 
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