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Razes all 2013年2月26日 8時13分
Help Installing Smod
I am having trouble trying to play smod for half life 2. I downloaded half life complete on steam so I have all the games nessessary for smod. the problem is even though I put the smod file into the sourcemods file in steamapps, Smod shows up on my list of games but it will not launch. I tried two diferrent Smod versions but the same thing happens. Anyway to fix this?
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Pippkorn 2013年2月26日 10時34分 
SMOD can't be played, the mod broke in like 2008 or something I think
Razes all 2013年2月26日 10時42分 
I tried Black Mesa as well but It doesn't work either
Robo Hobo 2013年2月26日 18時51分 
Actaully,Razes All,Black Mesa Source DOES work,you need all the SDK bases installed(I think) and you need to use torrent to download Black Mesa.
Razes all 2013年2月26日 23時31分 
Thanks! SDK salves the problem.
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