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yamaoyapi May 1, 2013 @ 8:33pm
Where to go in "FOLLOW FREEMAN" stage in Half-life 2
I was going back and forth around in "follow freeman" stage in Half-life 2 and still could not find a way to the place where I would be able to shut down lazer-beam bomb coming from the sky. I checked all the walls and ceilings and doors and vent, actually there is no vent in this stage, if they meight be opened and lead to some control rooms where I could shut down the beam. However, there seems no way to go except for going back to the previous stage or going out to die by lazer-beam bomb.
Could anyone help me to find the way or tell me what shall I do to find the way?
Asking help for game tips may not be encouraged, but I am asking because this may be a kind of bugs.
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Chrizie May 4, 2013 @ 9:19am 
you´re talking about the overwatch nexus i think, it´s hard to find the way through indeed. i wouldn´t know how to explain, but i think you need to follow all hallways at least once.
yamaoyapi May 5, 2013 @ 4:13am 
Originally posted by PepperPi the wolfe:
You have to go behind the dumpster... did you?
Yes, I had been. I entered the overturned dumpster in which I could pick up 3 medi-kits.
And I also visited behind, bottom side, of the dumpster, but I could not find any entry like
things. While I was in the dumpster, Gordon's fellow told "You are not get hurt that thing from down here, Gordon, we have to shut it down from inside." So I thought Freeman must go inside the building where he comes out. I do not know which building is the Nexus building. The entrance door the building is facing the road where lazer-bombs are coming down?
Chrizie May 5, 2013 @ 4:17am 
oh, yes now i remember. i get stuck there all the time. let me guess, some combine came out, you killed them, but the doors closed in front of you. you need to stay close to the walls to avoid being "emancipated". when facing the doors, go right, there's an alley on the right corner. i believe there's a combine field that can be deactivated using the gravity gun, by taking out the plug. if the gravity gun can't reach there, use a grenade.
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