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HORUS 2012년 11월 30일 오후 4시 34분
Half life 2 Prison starting
I'm completely stuck here, 2 flying gunships and no way out?
Anyone got an Idea? Thanks!
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Major Havoc 2012년 11월 30일 오후 5시 46분 
Use the antlions to defeat the CP in the watchtowers and on ground, as you progress you will find an area near a cargo container where some rpg ammo is at.
HORUS 2012년 12월 1일 오후 4시 59분 
Found it but can't beat two gunshipsthough, and I've been here before,thought it was 1 gunship
HORUS 2012년 12월 5일 오후 3시 09분 
Thanks, got there after a while, in the sewer near citadel now. I love this game!
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