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Darkmaniac2283 29. marras, 2012 13.59
What ever happened to the others at Black Mesa?
what happened to Gina Cross and Colette Green? I've looked every place I find on the internet and i'm drawing a blank.
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Major Havoc 29. marras, 2012 20.03 
I thought Gina was just a hologram. As far as Colette goes, who was was she in the first place? I have no memory of her ever appearing in Half-Life, Opposing Force or Blue-Shift, much less the demo Uplink.
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Zachary 30. marras, 2012 4.38 
everyone died when gman set off a nuke.except the ones who escaped...
Major Havoc 30. marras, 2012 9.20 
The nuke went off in an underground parking garage in a small valley, I seriously doubt that the blast wave or radiation propagated very far at all.
Darkmaniac2283 30. marras, 2012 12.53 
well gina and colette were in Half-Life for PS2 multiplayer.
Darkmaniac2283 30. marras, 2012 12.55 
I think it was called Half-Life: Decay
Darkmaniac2283 30. marras, 2012 13.06 
a resonance reversal sealed the dimensional rift and saved the world but after that...well thats what i'm trying to find out.
Unkawaii [Only On Xbox One!] 30. marras, 2012 14.24 
Valve hasn't mentioned them. Nor have they mentioned Rosenburg or all the other escaped Black Mesa Personnel. Now that I think about it though, there is an Opposing Force 2 mod being developed, why does nobody do Decay 2?
Darkmaniac2283 30. marras, 2012 14.55 
Major Havoc 30. marras, 2012 17.58 
The official Half-Life timeline goes as follows:
1: Half-Life
2: Opposing Force
3: Blue-Shift
4: Uplink ( the Half-Life demo)
5: Portal?
6: HL2
7: HL2 Episode 1
8: HL2 Episode 2
9: Portal 2 (not officially set)

HL2 Episode 3 will probably set the official timeline for Portal & Portal 2 as the Borealis has Aperture Science cargo containers .
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Mazzma 10. joulu, 2012 17.03 
Marc Laidlaw does not take the expansions into thought when wrting for Half-Life, so Collette does does not exist nor Rosenburd, Shepard and so on. Gina is canon to the orignal Half-Life but kind of just dissapeared after HL1. Your welcome.
[RATS] Toxinthegreat 17. joulu, 2012 3.35 
It's assumed they died. Most people from the Black Mesa incident were killed. Brene and Eli were LUCKY to live.
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