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~Encryption~ [BUSY] Apr 25, 2013 @ 4:13am
Half Life: Game creation idea!!!!!
I am a massive fan of half life and just genrally love all of Valves work and creations.Im here to recommended and influence someone (preferably valve) to create a remake or new episode of the Half life Sega. I was thinking something around the lines of an recreation of Half life 2 with the features of an RPG genre, for example, the same quest system and 'open worldeness' of games such as Dead island and Farcry 3. By this i mean, i would like it to include a more open world generation so i can enter areas i previously couldnt enter, increase the way i intract with the enviroment, the world around me and AI controlled NPCs, and include Side quests that i can complete while still having the orginal storyline to progress through. I personally wouldnt like to see some sort of Character progression or ability to upgrade wepons, mainly because this will be too much like other RPGs, and that the gameplay is already perfect as it is. If someone does create or take in my idea, i will advertise the game amongst Steam groups,forums and friends and try to get as many people as i can 'hooked' into buying/sponsering the game in future realeases. If anyone would like further ideas, friend and PM my steam account.

P.S It would be cool if it was a DLC or Source mod

PLEASE NO CRITICISM OR OFFENSIVE COMMENTS, you may PM criticisms to me but not on this page. Thank You.
Date Posted: Apr 25, 2013 @ 4:13am
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