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iki_balam Jan 1 @ 7:36pm
Reason not to get Half Life 2
Lots of sales, lots of discussions of "why should i get this game?". Anyways, this is just for fun, what would be a reason *not* to get Half Life 2?

1) Can't play as a headcrab
2) Can't play as Alyx
3) Can't play as Dog
4) Can't play Episode 3
5) Gabe is fat... oh sorry HL3 delayed again
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Big Metal Jan 1 @ 8:50pm 
6) Can't play as John Freeman who was Gordon Freeman's brother.
Xaneks Jan 1 @ 11:13pm 
7) Cant play as Barney Calhoun
Sniper101 Jan 2 @ 1:26am 
8) No ironsights or a multiplayer mode with tanks and killstreaks.
jester99 Jan 2 @ 4:46am 
you dont get your revenge on G-man :-(
Grox3000 Jan 2 @ 6:52am 
Originally posted by Professor Waffles:
8) No ironsights or a multiplayer mode with tanks and killstreaks.

Not sure if trying to be funny or just trolling.

10) The weapons are the same in EVERY game.
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☆Myth[Alex] ツ Jan 2 @ 10:42am 
11) Cannot play as Morgan Freeman (his voice is awesome)
HoP | Da King Jan 2 @ 11:48am 
12) can't kill NPCs, it's lame.
Spamming Tanks Jan 2 @ 1:42pm 
13) I already own the game LOL

14) There are no giblets like in Half-Life 1

15) You can't see the characters feet.

16) The supporting characters are DESIGNED to be likeable! How dare they make characters we like to manipulate our emotions!
ownomics Jan 2 @ 2:01pm 
Originally posted by Spamming Tanks:
15) You can't see the characters feet.
Only a major issue for fetishists.
Oldmansnichez Jan 5 @ 6:19am 
17) Ravenholm. nuff said
[29th]WarriorPoet Jan 5 @ 10:49am 
18) Can't be as Pro as Ross Scott
Monst-E-r Jan 5 @ 2:15pm 
19. No quickscope servers
20. large numbers make me look smart, lol
A player69 Topkek Jan 6 @ 10:39am 
21.Game is average. Moving on.
Spamming Tanks Jan 6 @ 10:55am 
22. Sending knomes to space in non-canon.
Grox3000 Jan 6 @ 2:26pm 
23. Can't play as a Head Crab
24. Cannot play as a Blackforest Cake on a yellow platter with candles. (If you get the reference, I will give you a cookie)
25. The fact that you are just a pair of floating hands.
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