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Puddy Puddy Feb 23 @ 7:15pm
Metrocops can no longer announce their location or identify suspect and Combine soldiers don't play pain sounds when injured
Previously, when Metrocops spoke they sometimes mentioned their location (e.g. "workforce-intake", "canal-block") or an identification for Freeman (e.g. "UPI", "subject", "anticitizen"). Both of these appear to have been based on the name of the map they were in. In the SteamPipe beta they skip past these bits, so for example instead of saying "Anticitizen: location canal-block five", they say "[...] location [...] five".

This also happens when Overwatch announces their death, which is particularly jarring, as it occurs frequently and she says things like "Unit down at [...] three", which doesn't make sense...also..

In any of the Half-Life 2 family of games, Combine soldiers of any variety (standard, standard shotgun, Nova Prospekt standard, Nova Prospekt standard shotgun, elite) no longer play pain sounds when injured (they do play death sounds when killed). This applies to Half-Life 2, Lost Coast, Episode 1, and Episode 2.
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Mint Feb 23 @ 7:58pm 
i haven't noticed this, i don't really listen to the cops and soildiers. only really stuff i hear are like go sharp, go sharp!, anticitizen freeman, bouncer!, watch out!, ♥♥♥♥!, etc
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