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Mind Games Jun 11 @ 6:21am
After 10 years, still receiving updates?!
I've owned this game for quite a long time on disc, and on steam. I just realized that they still, to this day continuously provide updates for a single player game. I point out single player because most multi-player games draw more attention. It's astonishing that they are this adament behind their technology and the source engine. If they show this much care for a game that has generated enough revenue to run a game studio for years, then I am not surprised.
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Sinnaj63 Jun 11 @ 6:22am 
Well, the Source Engine is still in use for many games that are much more recent and unfinished, and many improvments are made that are also applied to other games using the source engine.
millzie95 Jun 11 @ 6:23am 
I bet it's mostly things like adding achievments, fixing glitches or improving certain map areas.
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