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Shrekt Noob Aug 22 @ 1:32am
Will we be getting more visual customizations?
Or is the base character we have now the only one we getting?
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Rhenthyl Aug 22 @ 1:53am 
asked and answered several times already, Next time try using the search function.

Short answe: Maybem but not until after the games release
Agent_Kalim Aug 22 @ 3:47am 
Oh well at least the OP isn't claiming that visual customization is crucial to an ARPG, and paranoidly raving about how "the man" is shutting his perfectly reasonable suggestions down, remember that? :P

Short answer, good answer.
Woolly Aug 22 @ 7:34am 
"I refuse to play this game because of the lack of customization" Seriously we need a best of Steam commentary reel. Not at you OP, there was another guy who went pretty crazy with this question..

Now @ OP: I personally feel the chances are extremely low for more customization. Given that most people zoom their character far out, and wear a full suit of armor the whole idea of having character customization seems pretty pointless. The devs mention there is a chance but it would be after released and the would rather focus on actual content and expansions.
Dr Mcninja Aug 22 @ 9:29pm

Please check this link and the first post to have an idea on what is being discussed.
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