VickyDragon 2012年12月23日下午4:24
Achievements not working?
I've had this kind of problem before with other games and I've managed to find out the sollution. With this game, however, I can't seem to find a solution despite the fact that I've done the requiremenst such as the 'Old Man' achievement, but it doesn't unlock. Am I missing something or do the achievement just don't work?
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kelmer 2013年3月19日上午7:37 
I too am not getting any achievements.
topolskiego 2013年4月14日上午6:12 
me too :(
Paweł 2013年5月21日上午9:58 
I've completed the game and I also have zero achievments
Señor Scarybagels 2013年8月23日下午1:08 
Same I am not getting any of the achievements for completing the puzzles.
roh 2013年9月9日上午8:53 
They are working perfect for me.

Maybe it would help to verify your game cache.
hello11_ 2013年11月1日下午3:05 
ME TOO...........HA....
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Schallgewitter 2013年11月2日上午6:09 

I also have the problem this with the game no achievements are free switched. In the meantime, does anybody already know a solution to the Probelm, then? I have deinstalled repeatedly and installed newly Harveys new eyes to already but everyone try unfortunately, take nothing! Also this one tip from Google with the desktop combination hasn't not worked.
TanijaTheFaun 2013年11月3日上午1:23 
Same problem here... Any suggestions yet?
iamacupcake 2013年11月3日上午3:19 
Got the same problem...hopefully it will be patched in the next time...
xblacksuit 2013年11月3日上午5:59 
I have that problem as well. Can only hope it will be patched soon!
Elderberry 2013年11月5日上午11:54 
some problem i have
Felix 2013年11月5日下午5:13 
Not working for me either; playing it on my MAC.
Skarn483 2013年11月7日上午2:19 
I Have de same Problem! :-(
juhaszandor 2013年11月7日上午7:52 
same problem.
ミーメル 2013年11月7日上午9:22 
I have it too ._. thats so strange and in a few games i have the same problem :// i hope anyone find a solution for this
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