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Spoiler free walkthrough?
by Gnathonic
I've tried to format this guide to give you help in stages. First I show you where the gun is and a path to it, but not how to solve the puzzles, then some hints, and if those fail the spoiler laiden videos surely won't....
Play the game with non-QWERTY keyboard layouts
by Zr40
If you use a different keyboard layout than QWERTY, Antichamber still expects the keys labeled W, A, S and D to be used. This guide shows you how to change this for your own keyboard layout....
Pink Cube Guide
by CoolJosh3k |
Where to find all the mysterious Pink Cubes. This guide, is a collaboration of several player's efforts, to co-operate in finding them all....
Antichamber: Basic Guide and Completed Map (Spoiler Free)
by Asha Man
There are different ways to solve Antichamber. When you understand the laws of the games physics it becomes easier. This guide will give you information on what is possible without directly giving you the solutions....
Image Guide
by Turn_on_a_Dime
For those who don't know where to find *that last image*. A minimalistic guide to image locations, containing the name of the room where to search for it....
Signs may be helping you more than you realise.
Additional hints to go along with the signs found within the game in order to help you solve the puzzles without completely holding your hand....
How to make your gun Black
by Schlepian
The Final Gun...
How to set a custom resolution
by Telmo "Trooper"
To set a custom resolution go to \SteamApps\common\Antichamber\UDKGame\Config and open DefaultEngine.ini (Notepad will work just fine). Find (Ctrl + F on Notepad) [SystemSettings] , change both ResX and ResY to your desir...
Noclip and more - How to open the console in Antichamber
by Lycake
This will show you hot to open the console and what commands you need for noclipping...
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