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Pink/Purple Cube Hints
by ceegersmello
This is for people who only want hints (reveal as desired) as to where the pink/purple cubes are, rather than having the whole method spoiled for them....
How to beat AntiChamber in 10 Minutes
by The Zora Gamer
I know there are people who beated this game under 5 minutes, and frankly I don't care anymore ....
The fastest way to play Antichamber with AZERTY
by Almisuifre
A ridiculously small guide to configure Antichamber the most ridiculously easy way (for azerty keyboard - PC)...
How to set a custom resolution
by Telmo "Trooper"
To set a custom resolution go to \SteamApps\common\Antichamber\UDKGame\Config and open DefaultEngine.ini (Notepad will work just fine). Find (Ctrl + F on Notepad) [SystemSettings] , change both ResX and ResY to your desir...
How to Speedrun Antichamber (Any% and 100%)
by Californ1a
Explains the full routes for speedrunning Antichamber along with video tutorials and the world record times....
Antichamber: Hintthrough
by porygonal
This guide seeks to provide help in a way that doesn't instantly give you the answer. It will give you clues and ideas for how to solve a puzzle if you are stuck, but will not give away the solution. For me, part of the fun of Antichamber was stumbling t...
Antichamber: Basic Guide and Completed Map (Spoiler Free)
by Asha Man
There are different ways to solve Antichamber. When you understand the laws of the games physics it becomes easier. This guide will give you information on what is possible without directly giving you the solutions....
Spoiler free walkthrough?
by Gnathonic
I've tried to format this guide to give you help in stages. First I show you where the gun is and a path to it, but not how to solve the puzzles, then some hints, and if those fail the spoiler laiden videos surely won't....
Noclip and more - How to open the console in Antichamber
by Victoriam populi
This will show you hot to open the console and what commands you need for noclipping...
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