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Jul 4 @ 4:25pm
. At some point, I won't have Windows installed anymore and this will mean that I will have to forget Antichamber forever, this is very sad. A Linux port, even if it's in one year, would keep the game alive... forever for us Linux users.

I wouldn't worry about sales, this game will probably sell for years, I've never seen something like it.

Edit: I don't have windows anymore, I might not play antichamber again...
+1 for linux port...
+1, this coming for Linux?
There are a lot of UT games on Linux, yes....
Jul 5 @ 2:04pm
linux graphical bug
Jun 18 @ 10:02am
[Linux] Antichamber fails to launch.
Jun 14 @ 12:54pm
[Linux] Random crashes
be a memory leak in the PhysX library on Linux (though I'm not a developer, I might be completely wrong).

Is the developer reading these forums or do I have to report the problem elsewhere?...
This is mostly tailored for Windows machines, since the game hasn't been available from Steam on other OSs until now, but I'm sure if you're using Linux then you can probably outfit some...
Jun 13 @ 2:23pm
Fails to start on Linux
I can't start the game on Debian GNU/Linux jessie/testing 64-Bit through Steam or from the commandline. libtcmalloc seems to be missing. What dependencies do I have to install?

Steam error:
ERROR... /share/Steam/ubuntu12_64/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64): ignored.
In Debian I had to install libgoogle-perftools4i386 (32bit version) and run sed 's/' -i UDKGame-Linux (located in Binaries/Linux directory)....
Feb 23 @ 3:22am
Linux version disappeared!
I just bought humble bundle yesterday. I saw antichamber being available for linux, and in fact it was listed on my linux games, but which is my surprise that when I install it (don't know... if it really got installed) it just disappear from the linux list! Now I just have antichamber on windows.

what is this?...
The mac and Linux versions aren't on Steam yet, you can download the mac or Linux version from your Humble Library....
Feb 21 @ 4:57pm
Doesn't download on linux.
The steam version isn't compatible with mac or linux yet. You have to download the drm-free version from the humble bundle site. The steam version will be updated as soon as the dev is able...
Jul 2 @ 4:52pm
Linux version on Steam
When/will it be added? Thanks for the Linux port!


[quote=Goat Wizard;558747923004515029]According to [url=]the dev:[/url]
[quote]Mac... and Linux versions will be available on Steam when I get the chance. Right now they're DRM free builds only. Bad timing right now for me[/quote]
Seems likely to be in the near future then. [/quote]
Nice to finally see it on Steam for Linux!...
Linux version is here! Thanks Demruth!
Feb 3, 2013 @ 5:03am
I run linux...
yep, that shouldn´t really be a surprise. At the end of the day you ARE running on linux....
Apr 16 @ 6:05pm
Why isn't there Steam linux version, but there is non-steam linux version?
There is a non-steam, linux version available so why isn't the linux version available in steam too? The weirdest thing is that when I play the non-steam version on linux, my steam still counts...
UDK has built-in Steam support, and I suppose that extends to Linux as well. Maybe Steam's picked up on UDK's attempt to communicate with it?...
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