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Xello 2013년 9월 28일 오후 2시 55분
Objectives tracking
So I finished the game and I have what seems to be a completed map (check my latest screenshot) and I have every info box pic thing filled in, these seem to be the 'main' objectives you can keep track of, but is there no way to track the 'optional' parts of the game?

I found a bunch of those push-the-purple-block-forward parts but I've no idea if i completed that or what. I also found a bunch of what I guess count as the secret rooms, does my seemingly complete map mean there are no more of those?
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Californ1a 2013년 9월 28일 오후 5시 14분 
The rooms with pictures and models and such that are just dead ends are called "Dev Rooms" and they just show off pictures, models, etc. from the development of the game (or a few of them show off internal stuff such as wireframes).

The pink cubes are incomplete right now, and are still being worked on. If you must know, however, there are 15 of them in the game but only 13 are obtainable (14 if you include clipping glitches; one is completely unobtainable without console commands). We believe that when these are fixed then obtaining all of them will open the "Under Construction" door at Being An Entrepreneur. At the moment there is no way of tracking how many you have unless you use an external program created by speedrunners.
This program only counts the 13 "obtainable" cubes, although it will display a 15/13 if you use console commands to noclip to the areas where the other two cubes are located.

But at the moment, the pink cubes are only there for the challenge of trying to find them. (Note: One of them is miss-able, meaning that is you missed finding it in the early game, then you can't find it and will only be able to find 12 of them)
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ItchyDani3l 2013년 9월 28일 오후 8시 56분 
I found the miss-able one the other day when I was doing what I considered to be a "speed run" (still didn't finish... huh)

If you go straight to the blue gun area, without approaching the stairs to nowhere, then there will be some green stairs down that lead to the stairs to nowhere instead of the normal passage the whispering black cube travels through.

AFTER you go down the green stairs, immediately going back up leads to the pink cube. I was just trying to retrace my step, because this was totally new to me, and I was like WTF.

Haha this is what makes anti chamber so much fun :) Being lost in familiar space.
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Californ1a 2013년 9월 28일 오후 9시 53분 
Yes, that is the miss-able one. I believe it wasn't originally supposed to be miss-able, although a trigger that got added later on conflicted with the trigger that was supposed to re-open that area. It might not be miss-able once the other pink cubes are fixed, but I don't know for sure.

Also, what do you mean by speedrun, if you didn't finish?
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Xello 2013년 9월 29일 오전 5시 42분 
thx for the info

shame there's some incomplete stuff there, i was hoping for a little bit more elaborate ending maybe after finding the secrets. Still a fascinating game!
Californ1a 2013년 9월 29일 오전 8시 38분 
Most likely, opening that door will just lead to another Dev Room. This is all speculation though.
ItchyDani3l 2013년 9월 30일 오후 3시 46분 
I don't think it'll ever be "finished," mostly because I think its only purpose is to taunt the player in the first place.

The words next to it support my theory. Right after you finish the puzzle, everyone is so excited because they got past it, but it goes nowhere. And the worst say "Some things don't have a deeper meaning," which I interpret to mean that a door to nowhere is simply that, a door to nowhere.
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Californ1a 2013년 9월 30일 오후 6시 25분 
"Some things don't have a deeper meaning" only means that the area behind the door is literally under construction, like it says.
analpaper 2013년 10월 1일 오후 4시 05분 
Californ1a님이 먼저 게시:

thank you for the reference'¡!!
Californ1a 2013년 10월 1일 오후 4시 49분 
No problem. If you're using it for counting the pink cubes, it just shows amounts, not which ones you have. (They're not named or specifically numbered; they are assigned a number based on the order you obtained them)

And if you need some help setting that up, since it's all command-line and not really user-friendly:
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analpaper 2013년 10월 1일 오후 5시 31분 
err.. i created a .bat file that launches the game and the watcher, and named it like the .exe of the game, while renaming the original exe. then convert the bat to exe, and you can simply click on the [PLAY] button in steam, and launch both at the same time

(i have dev powers xD [but still stucked with the blue gun only xD shhhh dont tell my friends about that.. im so close to the green.. i can feel it xD])

the content of the UDK.bat file (just replace paths):
@echo off
start "Z:\apps\games\antichamber\AntichamberSaveWatcher-v0.2.2.exe" -sdncgf "Z:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Antichamber\Binaries\Win32\SavedGame.bin"

the bat2exe app used to convert it from UDK.bat to UDK.exe:

if you wanna have that launcher window closed asap, add a 'start' keyword at the beginin of line 3, like in line 2. but that will make impossible for the steam counter of played hours to count any.
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Californ1a 2013년 10월 1일 오후 9시 38분 
analpaper님이 먼저 게시:
-sdncgf "Z:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Antichamber\Binaries\Win32\SavedGame.bin"

You don't need the -d flag, that's only for debugging the signwatcher. You also shouldn't need the -f and filepath, unless it couldn't detect your Steam instillation directory.
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