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Do I have to have the red gun?
Do I have to have the Red gun to beat the game, or can I finish it with yellow?
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It is possible to finish with yellow. You should try to get red though.
I'm going to with yellow, and see how hard it is!
It's not hard, it's just extremely tedious. Trust me, I'm a speedrunner.
i didn't even know there was a red gun.... i finished it all with yellow!
What does the red gun do?
You'll have to find it and figure that out.
I can't seem to figure out the room number, because when I get to the floor with the gun, I see it, but I can't get to the room with the gun, so I'm thinking there's another room with the gun.
Yes, after you go through tower 7, you'll be teleported to the square puzzle where you have to drag cubes around the slot. Completing this puzzle brings you to Breaking The Arc which ultimately leads you directly to the red gun is completed correctly.
The red gun is much easier than any gun, you can expand the cube or either absorb the cubes that are connected each other. Help to unlock the other path if you would like to seek some more.
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Комментарии 18 из 8
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