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Neksus 2013年6月17日 5時26分
Is it worth it?
Is it good or bad? Because it seems to be a short game with a high price and i dont know if i should buy it now. Help me please ^.^
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Tutajkk 2013年6月17日 5時59分 
If you solve everything yourself it can take 5-10 hours. And yeah, it's worth it, very unique game.
BurtDerpson 2013年6月17日 6時24分 
Over rated imo but worth it on sale if you like puzzle games. It's not nearly as mind bending as some make it seem though.
Jameli 2013年6月17日 6時25分 
Its awesome. Buy it now 2013年6月17日 8時38分 
I really recommend you try it, it's worth it.
Fluppy + Strnadik 2013年6月17日 8時44分 
Definitely get it, it is absolutely awesome experience. The game tries to work in the opposite way than most of games do. It is very nice and relaxing game and the biggest obstacle in the game is actually the player himself. So if you get stuck, you are not thinking outside the box.
Maverik1666 2013年6月17日 9時15分 
If you like Portal, you will like this game. In Portal, you try to find how to get from A to B. In Antichamber, you try to find how to get from A to X to B and later from B to A to C.
Neksus 2013年6月17日 9時28分 
Thanks for the comments. I just bought the game...
ein 2013年6月17日 9時39分 
The difference between this game and Portal is there are lots of puzzles and surprises that don't involve the gun. Arguably the gun is used in a broader variety of ways, because you need to place the bricks. On the other hand the game seems not to require speed or precision. I say seems because that's its other advantage over Portal: It's kind of hard. I'm rusty when it comes to puzzle games but this one got me stumped.

On the down side, I found it more inducing of motion sickness than other recent first person games, not because of the dimensional antics but probably due to its visual simplicity. If you're sensitive to that sort of thing, prepare to enjoy this game in short sessions.
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kristianhacker 2013年6月19日 11時05分 
It Is Worth Every Single Cent
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