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oX_Dragonoff_Xo 2013年6月16日下午12:12
I dont if I should buy
I mean its looks great but what am I to do once I have beating it 100% I would know all the puzzles so its would no longer be fun for me. Replay value is not there.
最后由 oX_Dragonoff_Xo 编辑于; 2013年6月16日下午12:13
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oX_Dragonoff_Xo 2013年6月16日下午12:17 
I guess I could torment someone else with it and have a good luagh when they go WTF......
Californ1a 2013年6月16日下午5:28 
Not all games are about replay value. And if you want it to be about the replay value, then speedrunning is always nice to try out.
Arale//Zero 2013年6月18日下午8:47 
Puzzle games and mind screw games tend to rely on first-time "how do i do this" and "whoah what just happened". The game is not about replay value but that doesn't mean it is a bad game, it just means that once you've 100 percented it you are allowed to do something else. :/
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