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cyanic 6 Mar, 2013 às 16:27
The black cube speaks!
I suppose everyone who has met the black cube noticed it emits some whispers and noises. Anyone managed to figure out what it's saying? Here are all the transcripts found except one. No guarantees on their accuracy. Starred words are ones that are unclear, and may be cut off.

Kids know their conscion
Iffle* doesn't look in to begin
They learn* also less
Something during*
First overturn
Thought they'd get to you too soon
Your hands turn to aces
Alter veil* to follow these ... when you first enter
Sometimes the first needs to be GetLEnter*
Some too full

Sometimes they subdue everything to the walls we hold
They don't know the low seat they're in
If our doors are way too difficult and if they're trying
B to turn doors as scheduled
Nikafushi has a way of this string
Life doesn't thresh
Sometimes you just hidden over two to these you hit know the other d....
Leap of Faith fail you more
Hold AV everything to the journey
Six - hold the end

Something other than waste space to the else of us
Every turn the oxygen*
Is it? No.
If of nothing a writeoff
Life has a glow sometime of still note
What are you this morning
Fately you need two more
Sometimes you defend gin
Sometimes do it yourself
The afushi problem

Closer than you warranted
Neccesarily, advancers have been
In your original discovering this
Sometimes they do draft of the sorenteen

The player is after them
The paint pattern are so epic, today
The alt domain can change the door, the end
They either get to this drop, or don't make it

You can pay this for yourselves imperative you can't drive
It's a single for me
The order to keep you to destroy this town, the thistle
Voice messages are full so that the swearing

It looks like some of them are bits from the game source code, and some just random recordings of talking to self while working. The rest sound deliberate and don't seem to pertain to anything. I doubt the whispers have any real meaning, just like the way most things in the game don't make conventional sense.
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obrokenhands 26 Jun, 2014 às 22:44 
I tried not to listen too much, I was afraid it was some kind of subliminal message that was going to turn me into the Manchurian candidate or something.
abyssalstrike 11 Jul, 2014 às 23:27 
Very odd indeed.
mr_orenburg 13 Jul, 2014 às 9:15 
Mano, das Spiel bringt den Hirn zum rauchen
p0rtalthumper 27 Out, 2015 às 1:17 
NEW THEORY: the black cube is saying the 120 morals in a very garbled (and somewhat unintelligible) order. Think about it...
Blassreiter 29 Out, 2015 às 15:41 
Steve Brule 2 Nov, 2015 às 16:30 
Whatever it's saying, it's damn creepy
AntiAntFilms (a fan) 17 Jan, 2016 às 20:51 
Ive heard from the black cube that it said: "Please don't do this" at the end of the game.
DarkCrystalMethod 18 Jan, 2016 às 22:14 
There's already one Portal reference. One of these phrases is probably another.
CROCKZILLA 22 Jan, 2016 às 9:19 
Nice Game
AntiAntFilms (a fan) 24 Jan, 2016 às 8:58 
The paint pattern though. XD
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