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settle it...IN SMASH!!! (oh bby) 2013年3月1日 17時32分
Why is this game not also for mac?
I know that mac isnt much of a gamer computer and it is different than PC, but it is quite a shame that this game isnt for mac, because I would totally purchase it.
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PurpleMoustache 2013年3月1日 18時25分 
If you read the FAQ, you would know that there is a Mac version, but its going to be a while.

Originally, the UDK for Mac was announced during development of the game, and Alexander Bruce decided to support it. However, Antichamber isn't entirely built on core UDK tools, and so it has its own engine, within the Unreal Engine.

Upon launch, quite a lot of things were messed up with Antichamber, and he is dedicating time to fixing those issues, and THEN the Mac version will be worked on.
settle it...IN SMASH!!! (oh bby) 2013年3月2日 3時31分 
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