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Bloodskull 2013年2月27日上午4:12
Divide by zero in Antichamber?
Well this is akward. Tried to make a cube with the yellow gun ( maybe green too). And uhm hehe hehe as the cube started to fill it crashed. Could anyone repeat this and tell me if it crashed too? :P (3D cube with about 15x15x30 squared sides)
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DariusOne 2013年2月27日上午4:27 
Any decently sice cube will crash the game, this is a (very) known issue.
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ArtyD42 2013年2月27日上午9:31 
It can happen with the red one as well. One chamber is specificly designed to have said issue in it. I'd say where but that may ruin the fun.
Bloodskull 2013年2月27日上午9:44 
ah ok P: it just took me by surprise. I felt like a little kid who got his lollipop taken xD
Senen 2013年2月27日下午12:01 
It should be fixed soon.
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