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Bloodskull 2013年2月27日 4時12分
Divide by zero in Antichamber?
Well this is akward. Tried to make a cube with the yellow gun ( maybe green too). And uhm hehe hehe as the cube started to fill it crashed. Could anyone repeat this and tell me if it crashed too? :P (3D cube with about 15x15x30 squared sides)
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DariusOne 2013年2月27日 4時27分 
Any decently sice cube will crash the game, this is a (very) known issue.
最近の変更はDariusOneが行いました; 2013年2月27日 4時27分
ArtyD42 2013年2月27日 9時31分 
It can happen with the red one as well. One chamber is specificly designed to have said issue in it. I'd say where but that may ruin the fun.
Bloodskull 2013年2月27日 9時44分 
ah ok P: it just took me by surprise. I felt like a little kid who got his lollipop taken xD
Senen 2013年2月27日 12時01分 
It should be fixed soon.
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Antichamber > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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