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AilvarMerle冇錢流 2013年2月25日上午2:09
You are not here.
what does it means?should be You are now here???
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iamthestupid 2013年2月25日上午4:45 
No, it's meant the way they have it.
DariusOne 2013年2月25日上午7:25 
Your mamma´s so fat it is easier to point out where she isn´t.

/I am so, so sorry and I don´t know why I´m not able to stop myself right now.
El Frosty 2013年2月28日下午12:16 
That's one place you are not. one down, 50+ to go.
his1nightmare 2013年2月28日下午12:45 
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