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Jimothy Tames 2013. febr. 18. @ du. 3:05
Crash when making 3 dim cube
In the room "Over the edge" I can't progress because the game crashes everytime i try to fill up the wierd cube area that requires you to make and fill and big 3d cube. Any fixes?
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DariusOne 2013. febr. 18. @ du. 4:11 
Don´t try to do the puzzle by making a cube. It is not optimal that making any decent sized cube crashes the game, but there are plenty of other ways to get through that puzzle. And for the record to beat the game you won´t have to beat that puzzle
Jimothy Tames 2013. febr. 18. @ du. 4:58 
Well I definitely want to do all the puzzles. Sounds like beating the game to me. I did it by making a cube I can't imagine how else to do it. It just worked this last time for whatever reason.
IIZard 2013. febr. 19. @ du. 2:48 
Yeh, just tried to make a cube at that exact same bit, crashed and cried.
jetuser 2013. febr. 19. @ du. 7:47 
dont make a cube just prop yourself up and build a bunch of walls to "fill" the cube
Senen 2013. febr. 20. @ de. 12:48 
Or build a smaller cube, it doesn't crash for small cubes.
That is a known bug (maybe the most reported) and Alexander is working on it.
Jimothy Tames 2013. febr. 24. @ du. 3:39 
@jetuser I was doing that it's when the hollow cube filled that it crashed. I'm pretty sure I did it as small as possible.
legen88 2013. febr. 26. @ de. 4:51 
same here. dayum shame...
Pscion Piper 2013. febr. 28. @ de. 10:48 
The game crashes when its trying to fill in large 3-d cubes on nearly everyone's system. To beat that specific puzzle (which is an oprional, non plot-advancing puzzle), the easiest solution is to use the red gun and make a series of expanding vertical walls that will cover and fill in the target area.
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