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Bshop 2013年2月15日 3時31分
I can't use the yellow gun
Hi, I've got the yellow gun and I understand how to use it but I just can't. I don't know why my target stay in the same postion, even if I move my mouse i'ts very difficult to make the blocks I can't resolve many puzzle because of that. Is my mouse the problem? Or a bug ingame? Please help me!
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mtomato 2013年2月15日 4時46分 
If middle mouse button isn't working for you, then you could try using the left Control key instead, which is also bound to the same action by default.
最近の変更はmtomatoが行いました; 2013年2月15日 4時47分
Bshop 2013年2月15日 13時28分 
It's work! Thank you, you saved me!
iamthestupid 2013年2月15日 14時55分 
hahahaha I went through this exact same thing!
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