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PYROMANT|C 2013年2月14日下午3:34
Antichamber Review - The Refined Geek.
I managed to get to the end (finally) last night and wrote up my impressions of Antichamber here:

Anyone manage to get to the end in the time limit their first time around? First play through for me was about 4 hours, although I think I'd be able to do it within the limit now.
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Bloody oRAnGE 2013年2月15日上午8:07 
The current world record is ~5 minutes... so yea.
The timer is not doing anything though, it is just there to cause stress ;)
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PYROMANT|C 2013年2月15日下午2:49 
Oh I'm sure I could speed run it like crazy, I was just wondering if anyone had managed to do it in under that time on their first go ;)

It certainly did! I wasn't sure what was going to happen when it reached 0!
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