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nago Feb 10, 2013 @ 8:55pm
[Spoilers] Sequence Breaking
I figured I'd list a few of the places I found where I could sequence break. If you haven't beaten the game at least once, I'd really recommend enjoying the game some more, first!

Contribute more if you've found them, I'm curious to see what people have come up with!

1): There are a number of places where there is the "S" pattern anti-carry field designed to prohibit you from carrying cubes through, but to allow you to lead yellow cubes through the chamber. You can sequence-break a number of these chambers by using the green gun's ability to paint in straight lines: Standing in front of the chamber, point at the far-left corner in the chamber and fire off a cube. Snake it right-- it will try to weave back towards you, but if you give it enough horizontal distance, it will reach the BACK of the first glass wall, at which point it will happily continue snaking horizontally across the floor. If you continue to paint all the way to the right, you can paint large vertical sections on the back of the wall. At this point, you can simply walk through to the other side and pick up all the cubes you need.

You can sequence break "Hidden Behind Glass" in this way, and I think you can also break into "Being an Entrepeneur" in the same way.

2) There are a handful of places where the Red Gun is recommended, but not needed. In "A Book and Its Cover", you can simply pull the red bricks out and redirect them back into the destruction field.

3) Likewise, other Red-suggested puzzles can be cleared with Yellow; the "WTF?" chasm in "Impossible Paths" can be defeated by inching yourself inside of the forcefield, then leading the blocks to form a bridge to you, then to the other side.

4) As many people have noted, if you have enough cubes, you can easily enter the exit sequence of the game with only the yellow gun, by firing blocks into the gap below the door and leading them up and into the red bricks, then into the destruction field.

5) Anti-carry hallways lined with destruction fields like in "Many Different Angles" and in the secret hallway that leads from "Connecting the Pieces" / "Stairway to Heaven" only need the yellow gun, though the map indicators for these rooms don't appear until you pick up the red gun. Just snake your blocks through carefully: you can stop a group of blocks in mid-air if you middle-click them again, so you can lead the blocks straight down the middle of these hallways.

6) You can get to the secret area through "Laying the Foundation" as soon as you get to the room (Requires green gun), you don't have to approach it from the side that opens up from The Tower (Yellow Gun.) The map doesn't update this nub until after you get the red gun.

7) Not a sequence break: Although you can drag green cubes through any S hallway, the S-hallway in "Butterfly Effect" is intentionally deformed so you can shoot them over the top and carry a bunch with you to "A Link to the Past". You don't have to farm cubes using the jump-glitch as some people have theorized.

8) The jump glitch: With the green gun, if you put a cube up in the air and pull on it as you jump down, you might be able to create three cubes out of two, and repeat this process until you have 8, and then you can farm the normal way. I don't recall any spots where this might be more useful than just pulling green cubes through an anti-carry hallway, but I did watch at least one person demonstrate the glitch:

I'm not aware of, right now, any way to actually skip an entire gun. I know the red gun requires you to solve a yellow puzzle, and all of the yellow gun entry points seem to require the green gun, and all three green gun entry points require you to be able to move blocks, so far as I know...
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iamthestupid Feb 10, 2013 @ 9:00pm 
In a game like this, do these kidns of things really detract from the game? The whole game is about being smart and bending the rules to acheive your goals. Heck, to get two to of the purple cubes you have to noclip and glitch. I feel like while these may be design oversights, these alternative solutions fit in with the overall purpose of the game.
nago Feb 10, 2013 @ 9:03pm 
I'm not complaining! I just thought these things were neat and I wanted to share them in an effort to get people to share their observations with me. @Demruth has said a bunch of times on twitter that he left a lot of sequence breaks in on purpose, because he thinks they're neat, and I do too!
Senen Feb 10, 2013 @ 10:28pm 
The 3 made me laugh... I didn't even notice it wasn't the correct way to solve this puzzle. :D

The 4 may be improved. You can manage to grab the bottom cube here. Right click and go back and forth in the stairs, you will eventually grab it. Then you can access The End. Probably the best thing to do if you attempt a speed run.

I would add two things:

The black gun. Most people know about this, but if you escape while right-clicking the black cube in the last room, you get a black gun.
The author said it wasn't on purpose. :D

I've seen the second one used in a speedrun, I don't know if it may be used to solve a puzzle earlier. Probably. If you shoot a cube and Escape before it reaches a wall, the cube will be there when you come back.
If you want to know how it was used in a speedrun: With the yellow gun, you can grab the cube I mentioned above in the puzzle preventing access to The End, shoot it up, Escape, return to Leap of Faith and you have the cube needed to access the red gun. :)

Edit: Also, an obvious one but I don't really know if it was intended as a legit way to solve things, you can climb any wall with a single blue block. Jump, right click, left click. Rince and repeat.
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iamthestupid Feb 10, 2013 @ 10:38pm 
How do you solve the WTF puzzle with the red gun? I always use the blocks as a bridge. LOL
hostolis Feb 11, 2013 @ 4:09am 
@iamthestupid you make your own red floor
evouga Feb 11, 2013 @ 7:33am 
You don't even need the yellow gun to get through the impossible paths. I built a staircase up from the pit below, using the infinite supply of yellow blocks that you can barely see & grab from down there.

@Nago #5: Wait that's *not* how you're supposed to solve these? How does the red gun help? You paint the ceiling red?
nago Feb 11, 2013 @ 10:45am 
For #5, I wasn't sure. The game doesn't mark any of these until after you get the red gun, and it's certainly easy to clumsily bash your way through with it. It's not as interesting as, say, #1, but I was just sort of dumping my notes from playing it as to "what you could do before the map says you can do it," so on the list it went.
abort_user Feb 11, 2013 @ 11:51am 
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Senen Feb 11, 2013 @ 1:52pm 
"Not sure if this was how I was supposed to do this."
Nope. You're supposed to solve the puzzles whose block color is inferior or equals to the color of your gun. With the green gun, you're supposed to solve blue and green puzzles but not yellow or red.

Though, there are plenty of way to solve these puzzles earlier, which is pretty cool. :)
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