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Senen 2013年2月6日 6時25分
Laying The Fundation: why?
I took 6-7 hours to complete the game. One room left and I'm done, 100%, hooray.
But I can't manage to complete this room. I'm turning around for 30 min now, and I just can't.

1) I'm not even sure I'm doing the right thing. I noticed there was a hole under the cube in the center of the room, so I try to move so that the walls break enough so that I can enter the cube. Am I doing right?
2) Why? Seriously, why? Awesome game, a lot of interesting puzzle (though, some a bit annoying, like the tower up and down) and definitely mindtricking. Why put in a totally random puzzle? I'm turning around for 30 min, trying to move fast, slower, using the gun, not using the gun, jumping, walking, etc. It is NOT funny. :(
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UnShame 2013年2月6日 6時31分 
It seems to me that the possibility of completing this puzzle is heavily depends on your PC's performance. I can't get into that room too no matter what i do.
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A Gelatinous Cube-Z- 2013年2月6日 6時40分 
I had this same trouble, too. Turns out, you may need to adjust your resolution a bit. Something about framerate and whatnot alters how fast you can get the orbs to move. Tweaking your resolution a little should help you get it moving fast enough to break through.

Also, don't bother with the gun. It won't do anything for that particular thing. Just focus on strafing to get your speed to the right level.
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neuroplastique 2013年2月6日 6時47分 
Took me about 15 minutes to get in there. It's pretty much trial and error by moving fast and jumping at it.
Senen 2013年2月6日 6時51分 
I tried with low resolution, high resolution, full screen, windowed...

Well, I guess I won't complete it.
I was planning to try some speedrun, but it really destroyed my motivation. 45+ minutes on a puzzle that I already solved and that's not even a problem of skill cap, it's just totally random.
Not a good way to end 7 hours in a row spent to finish/complete the game.
It really is a good game, but I'll keep a bad feeling about it because of a stupid "rng dependant on your configuration" puzzle. :/
Stevoisiak 2013年2月6日 7時24分 
Yeah, hopefully that gets fixed.
A Gelatinous Cube-Z- 2013年2月6日 7時27分 
Yeah, it was a bit irksome. (Had to set it about mid-range resolution to get it to work.)

Luckily, it's only necessary if you're wanting to 100% it, so I saved it and did it after I'd already done everything else. Went through the ending sequence at about 96% completion, then reloaded the game to finish the last remaining bits.
error1 2013年2月6日 10時59分 
one of the walls regens slower then the other walls, find that wall, run back a forth a few times to see if you get a big enough hole then let it regen before trying again.
shouldn't take that many tries.
UnShame 2013年2月6日 11時53分 
hahah, did it with one try
if you come from the "Laying The Foundation" checkpoint then the right wall is the one that has the longest period before regeneration.
Here's a video
Bloody oRAnGE 2013年2月6日 12時04分 
First time I tried getting in there I tried for a good 20 minutes and couldn't make it, so I gave up.
Later on I tried it again and made it on first try, now I can do it all the time. It's just about getting the right speed, if they are too fast, they are mostly outside the wall, if they're too fast, they are inside the wall and not hitting it.
Also, if you don't get through the wall after about 5-10 seconds, stop and let the wall regenerate before retrying, or it will generate faster than you are destroying it and the hole will never get big enough.
also, I have no idea how screen resolution is supposed to affect this. I did it on the highest res just fine.
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Senen 2013年2月6日 15時08分 
At last! \o/

UnShame の投稿を引用:
if you come from the "Laying The Foundation" checkpoint then the right wall is the one that has the longest period before regeneration.

That was VERY helpful. :)
A Gelatinous Cube-Z- 2013年2月6日 16時02分 
Im oRAnGE の投稿を引用:
also, I have no idea how screen resolution is supposed to affect this. I did it on the highest res just fine.
I said how.
justice 2013年2月6日 22時43分 
It is very important to make sure that the wall is 100% intact before trying to break a hole in it. if you attempt and cant make a hole in 10 seconds, stop, let it reset and try again.
Gus the Crocodile 2013年2月6日 23時54分 
Yeah, wow, I just did this one myself and I could only get it after turning down my resolution to like 1280xwhatever. This is a brand new PC, and I have zero (noticeable, at least) framerate issues at 1920x1080, but as soon as I turned it down, it seemed the blocks suddenly took muuuuch longer to respawn. Odd, but at least it's done now. So thanks very much for the resolution tip, I don't think I'd have been able to get it otherwise :)
Alexander Bruce  [開発者] 2013年2月7日 0時14分 
This is an odd puzzle to try to fix. It was an interesting set piece, and was using the mechanics in a way different to how they've been explored previously (i.e. in this one you WANT them to go crazy, and work out how to control it), but it is rather random as a result. I tried adjusting the flight path of the riot balls to make it a little easier, and the back wall is very lenient with the timing, but that doesn't remove the randomness from it.

Short of changing the puzzle entirely or removing it, it's a difficult once to balance. If I make the walls a whole lot more lenient, then it turns it into a complete non-puzzle, which is also pointless. I'll need time to think about it some more. I felt what was there was fair, if you get the movement pattern right, but I can see how it would still be pretty problematic at low FPS.
Senen 2013年2月7日 0時42分 
On a different note, I easily solved the room with two cubes like this in one of the "Falling forward" room. :p
I tried to redo it, knowing that there's a side of the cube which is better and I managed to do it in a few trys. Definitely doable if you know one side of the cube is easier.
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