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Toroko 2013年2月4日 3時07分
19 Euros for a 10 minute game ?
Just wondering what's going on here, is this a pricing mistake or ? I've seen playthrough of this game of literally 10 minutes and they finished the entire game, the price seems a bit steep ?
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Pirateguybrush 2013年2月4日 3時09分 
That's basically a speedrun from someone who's worked out every puzzle, and how to skip a lot of them. Portal can be completed in about 10 minutes if you speedrun it, but the first playthrough takes hours. Apparently the normal time for this game is 5-10 hours.
Schlepian 2013年2月4日 3時48分 
Almost every game is speedrunnable and you can say the exact same thing about them all.

xx $$ for a xx minute game . GO head and play the game for yourself and then come back and be judgemental... on second thought, don't come back.
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Much Doge 2013年2月4日 4時04分 
This is a puzzle game, I would say you have ruined it for yourself by seeing the solution.
Krebsy 2013年2月4日 5時14分 
I've just finished after a reasonable 8 hours of gameplay...
Gus the Crocodile 2013年2月4日 5時16分 
You can finish Morrowind in 7 minutes. Speedruns don't really say much about game length.
Toroko 2013年2月4日 5時29分 
While you can indeed speedrun most games, speedrunning through a game that claims to be 10 hours in 10 minutes is a bit odd, isn't it ? Sure doesn't make me want to buy it, not for 19 euros..
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Schlepian 2013年2月4日 5時34分 
If you didnt watch or remember the video - it will take you over 3 hors to beat, guranteed. And no it is not odd - and if you are to cheap to afford 19 euros for some fun then dont bother about it, it sounds liek the money is a big deal to you. - there are plenty of cheap free online games you can play
Toroko 2013年2月4日 5時37分 
Schlepian の投稿を引用:
and if you are to cheap to afford 19 euros for some fun then dont bother about it, it sounds liek the money is a big deal to you. - there are plenty of cheap free online games you can play

Indie games have set a standard on Steam, most of them are around the price range of 10 euros (15 at most). This game is asking for 19 euros and is even shorter then most of them.

I'm sorry if you buy games without even blinking, no matter how much money you have, that is a poor decision. If a game is trying to rip me off by offering me limited game time for a bigger price than average, then I'm not going to go for it :)
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Much Doge 2013年2月4日 5時43分 
I played this game for around 10 hours, even after completing it I went back to explore even more. Now 10 hours of brilliant fun for the price of only 19 euro (14½ euro atm). If this is too expensive for you, then save your money - besides you ruined your fun by looking at the solution beforehand.
Eaxis 2013年2月4日 5時46分 
You're not gonna finish this in 10minutes by yourself. I've almost completed everything in 10-11 hours. Take your time and enjoy it.
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Ostin-Oskarose 2013年2月4日 5時53分 
it took me years to open one door and i don't know how people can do this in 10 mins
justice 2013年2月4日 6時08分 
xXx_XXX_xXx 2013年2月4日 6時19分 
if you don't enjoy solving puzzles and having fun, I suggest you don't buy this game because its awful at being a non-puzzle platformer that isnt fun.
Cubey 2013年2月4日 6時32分 
Its a pitty you think like that
Pokemon yellow, for example, can be completed in less than 4 minutes, including starup times.

If you plan to buy this game only to speed run it, then you should take into account that you are trying to beat the game. By yourself for the first few attempts, it would take you about 6 hours each time. Then once you figure out how to bypass some puzzles, you would shorten that time to about 2 or 3 hours. If you REALLY got good, then you might approach those sub hour runs.

So thats ... somewhere approaching 20-30 hours total ... i would say thats pretty good for 20 euros.

Why do you play video games? To unwind? to be challenged? to be told a story?
The fact you watched the speed run shows that you are atleast interested in this game, so why dont you take it for a spin. Im pretty sure that everyone above me, the other 200 odd people that contributed in this hub, and the several thousand that have played and (hopefully) completed this game can vouch for its value for money.

Just buy the game and enjoy it.
za(pm🐴mp)unk 2013年2月4日 6時44分 
On the contrary, don't buy it. If you've seen the 10-minute solution, none of the puzzles or discovery will be any fun, and you'll be wasting your money.
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