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threedotonefour 2013年2月2日下午5:16
Missing secret at "The End", how to get? (Possibly spoilers)
I've got a full map, except one missing path coming out from "The End". Is there another secret there, and if so, how do I get it?
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the new easy 2013年2月2日下午5:36 
I, too, am looking for this.
Michelle Trachtenberg ♥ 2013年2月2日下午5:56 
Well I'm sure everyone has that missing path....
Turn_on_a_Dime 2013年2月2日下午6:45 
It seems to simply represent the path to the ending
North 2013年2月2日下午7:56 
It's interesting. It looks like the Antichamber doesn't understand the area outside of The End. [MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW]

First of all, once you pick up the Antimatter (the black cube) and enter the ending sequence area, you can no longer access the Antichamber. Pressing Esc does nothing. Second of all, as mentioned, this area doesn't show up on the map--probably because it's not another room. And upon completion, you can't return to the Antichamber; you just get booted from the game.

So we can safely say it's intentional.
OpticalShadow 2013年2月22日上午1:51 
the game doesnt know it did it. when you beat that part the credits roll then the game closes, it likely doesnt make a save state so the bored updates.

unless there is a big super secret.
Senen 2013年2月22日上午4:36 
It's intentional that the game closes at the end (though, Alexander said it may removes this for the non-first runs.)
It's not intentional that there is a "path" shown on the map after The End (or the path should lead to the last room, don't know) and I think he said that he will eventually fix this.
LeeDavis 2013年2月22日上午5:35 
Speaking of FULL MAP, has anyone else found that room were there is no exit? I got stuck there once and kept trying to build cube walls to find a way out, but when I trapped myself in a cube of cubes the game crashed and I haven't found it since. The last room I remember before finding that room was block 6 of the 7 block tower..
LegoCreator768 2014年1月10日下午9:23 
What is the room with no exit?
rpgamer987 2014年1月10日下午10:07 
There are several rooms with no exit.
More importantly, why drag up a thread from a year ago?
DUMBL€DORE! 2014年1月14日上午6:44 
richtig geiles ding
Californ1a 2014年1月19日下午11:40 
引用自 rpgamer987
引用自 LegoCreator768
What is the room with no exit?
There are several rooms with no exit.
More importantly, why drag up a thread from a year ago?
There are no rooms that don't have an exit.
Even the "unfinished room" and "untaken exit" shown on the map screenshot on the wiki are possible to complete.

I also agree year old threads shouldn't be bumped, although there really aren't many posts in this game's discussion threads so I would rather bump a year old thread on the same topic than create a brand new thread for a topic that was previously discussed in an older thread.
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