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unruh 2013年2月2日 2時36分
"Udk.exe doesnt work anymore"
my game doesnt start at all,with the error message "Udk.exe doesnt work anymore".somebody? :)
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[ST-E] I can't aim lol 2013年2月24日 11時11分 
The actual problem is that your graphics card is an AMD if I'm right. You can solve the problem through installing nVidia Physixdriver! Worked for my girlfriend too ^^
unruh 2013年3月1日 9時49分 
hm,thx but my graphiccard is a nvidia gtx 570...
DiscordianPope 2013年3月1日 10時59分 
Yeah, since the update, I just get the UDK.exe fail. ATI card here.
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