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Digital Zephyr 31 Jan, 2013 às 23:54
Ending? [Spoilers]
What was that ending about? TBH I am getting a little bit tired of these vague endings.
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TheOverWhelming 1 Fev, 2013 às 4:11 
You made a blackhole?
You removed color from the universe and sucked up the rest?
kraedy 1 Fev, 2013 às 4:21 
The ending is actually a metaphor for the futility of life itself, and that focusing too hard on the destination will prevent you from appreciating the journey. In taking the black cube to the end you are effectively undoing all of existence, first by absorbing the cube and then via creating a black hole in the small pocket of infrastructure that still remains. After creation of the black hole there is nothing left because the destination is, in fact, meaningless. In attempting to find purpose in nothingness you are falling into the exact problem the game is combatting, as you have been so focused on the destination you have not been appreciating the journey.

This is a common theme in the game itself, represented in many instances by having multiple obsolete paths that all lead to the same place. This is true in the ending where you can repeatedly choose to go left or right, or continue jumping down the holes and falling but you still end up in the same location.

Either that or it's just a puzzle game and really who cares about the ending, it's not like there was an ongoing narrative to begin with..

Noggenfogger 1 Fev, 2013 às 8:38 
I saw it as "Hey, this Black Cube was the reason why the geometry was all screwed up so you had to put it back in its place to fix everything.".

Also, it's a puzzle game. The ending doesn't matter, it's the journey that does.
GamerBKL 1 Fev, 2013 às 22:42 
When you are outside the dome at the end, and you've put the black cubes into the device, everything goes white instead of black. Also in Failing Forward, you end up in a blank room, I feel like this is opposite of most games where you escape from a prison, while here you just lead yourself into one.
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Luna ♥ 1 Fev, 2013 às 22:54 
That blank room is there for the developer to add more content just like the under construction door, he said on his twitter.
kraedy 2 Fev, 2013 às 1:19 
Sometimes things don't have a deeper meaning :p
Andy2T 2 Fev, 2013 às 1:22 
Originalmente postado por kraed:
Sometimes things don't have a deeper meaning :p
Exactly, It's just the end of the game.
Starshadowx2 2 Fev, 2013 às 4:28 
I don't think everything get's destroyed etc. At the credits you can jump and it makes water splashing sounds, right-clicking also makes the block pickup noise. With the splashing noises I'd say you've gotten free of wherever you were and are back in a "normal" place. It could be setting it up for a sequel. Maybe when Alex finsihes the other rooms we'll learn more.
DerfK 2 Fev, 2013 às 8:56 
I jumped back over the wall from the area as soon as I shot the cube and got to watch the end of the game from outside the spehere :D
Nesh 2 Fev, 2013 às 14:36 
I kinda agree with kraed.
I think that the game tells us by the ending (and through some other instances around the game), that becoming too obssesed with your destination will only harm you.
That's why, i think, when you get the black cube the world loses it's colors and turn into these endless corridors (guess that's a methapor to how shallow your life gonna seem to you).
Eventually, you will feel that with no purpose there's just nothing left, which is why the black hole is formed in the end.
kraedy 3 Fev, 2013 às 1:40 
(pssst the long post was a joke)
Dankus Memeius 28 Out, 2013 às 11:30 
Mabey you Destory the Unvierse at the end when you fire the Black hole thing into the triangle
Athetos 29 Out, 2013 às 12:25 
I'm under the assumption the Black Cube was the key to another world. When the player picks it up with their matter gun, they find themselves transported outside of the strange world they entered and placed the Cube within the device hidden in the black sphere to create a portal. Why it sucked up everything around them, I'm not sure. Maybe the outside of "Antichamber World" is pressurized?
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Toast Thornschnoz 15 Nov, 2013 às 11:21 
The obvious answer is that we've created too many paradoxical paths, shapes, and such in the course of playing the game, thus causing the structure of the universe to collapse in on itself.
10sigh 22 Nov, 2013 às 12:23 
If you are in the 'black room' at the end and the cube begins reconstructing the pieces that are laying on the ground, I'm certain one piece from the shape it wanted to construct was missing.
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