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NerdBasterd! 2013年1月31日上午10:14
Controller support?
Please, whoever gets this (and has access/use a gamepad) post whether it can be played with a controller. I'd love to play it on the big screen in the living room!
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Ice Coldas 2013年1月31日上午10:16 
I'm downloading and have access to an XBox controller. I'll let you know in a bit.
NerdBasterd! 2013年1月31日上午10:18 
Fantastic, mate! Thanks! ;)
Ice Coldas 2013年1月31日上午10:22 
It doesn't seem to have controller support, and there doesn't seem to be an option to enable it either. Sorry.
Alexander Bruce  [开发者] 2013年1月31日上午10:33 
Official controller support is still in the works. Right now the game is only tuned for Keyboard and Mouse.
thejokeriswild 2013年1月31日上午10:48 
well, that's a bit of a bummer...
NerdBasterd! 2013年1月31日上午10:57 
Oh, pity. I just think it'd be awesome to have a few friends come over and play this in the living room (beer optional, but advisable!) :D
NerdBasterd! 2013年1月31日上午10:58 
引用自 Alexander Bruce
Official controller support is still in the works. Right now the game is only tuned for Keyboard and Mouse.

Please, let us know when it is implemented! And thanks for replying!!!
ExistentialEgg 2013年1月31日下午2:59 
Aww.. no controller support or manual input remapping? I was really looking forward to playing this with a controller. Guess I'll be waiting with the others.
[Loading User Name] 2013年1月31日下午6:31 
Waiting for controller support (i have a wired XB360 controller)
Impy 2013年1月31日下午11:05 
I was totally psyched to play this on the big screen, sad about no controller support :( .... What would it take to add it? I'm willing to playtest or program :)
Volf 2013年1月31日下午11:12 
Go download xpadder or joy2key and set up a profile for this game. Doesn't take much considering how few buttons are in this.
Impy 2013年1月31日下午11:44 
Yes, Joy2key works well, thanks for the tip.

To set up Antichamber with your XBox controller:

1. Fire up Joy2Key
2. On the 'Others' tab, tick the 'Use Axes Other than X and Y'
3. Go back to the configuration page, and set up remaps for WASD, Space, Shift, Left Click, and Mouse Axis movement.
4. This picture is very handy to understand which Joy2Key buttons/axes map to stuff on your controller:
5. Enjoy Antichamber with Gamepad

I still think native support would rock, and I'm willing to help make it happen ;)
NerdBasterd! 2013年2月1日上午5:02 
Native support is still relevant, especially if you use Big Picture mode. I've got a feeling Joy2key and Xpadder would mess with the Big Picture interface somehow...
Also, when emulating key presses, there is no true analog movement when using the analog stick.

I hope the dev implements it, I think it would be useful in case they decide to port the game for Xbox/PS3, anyway. :)
thejokeriswild 2013年5月4日下午1:55 
Still no controller support after all this time? Cmon.
AKissFromDaddy 2013年5月10日上午7:26 
I'm still waiting for controller support.
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