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Salty Trosty 2013年5月14日 15時14分
OMG i may have found THE game to fully challenge my mind! I've played portal... the first one was easy... the second one in coop was a little bit trikyer but never passed more than 15 minutes on a puzzle... IS IT THE CHOSEN ONE TO MAKE MY MIND GO CRAZY !?
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Breadfish 2013年5月15日 4時40分 
It is dear friend, it is.
This is easily the most creative puzzler I've ever played.
nomad 2013年5月16日 0時50分 
The first puzzle was a huge facepalm for me.
Tron 2013年5月16日 15時18分 
Yeah man its epic.
Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey 2013年5月16日 22時31分 
Yeah, it's a mind trip because you are battling against your mind... your mind is your only ally and your only enemy in the game... XD
๖Mangϋst 2013年5月18日 0時09分 
Salty Trosty 2013年5月18日 12時56分 
ok i now have like 10 little sentence/painting to go!... BUT WHERE O_O! XD
DariusOne 2013年5月19日 9時38分

If you want to look them up on a guide that is.

Now if you want a game to challenge your mind, do consider playing Spacechem. Absolutely brilliant puzzle game all around, granted it is just singular puzzles tied together without exploration and all that. Does have a demo.
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Antichamber > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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