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Crinkle 2013年5月9日 10時19分
"pulling both ways...." need an alternate way to solve please? [Spoilers
On the wiki the solution is :

But I cant do this in game its too fast, is there another way to solve it, or is it impossible to solve if you arent super fast on a mouse?
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Californ1a 2013年5月9日 15時43分 
You don't have to be really fast (That is my video, by the way). The video is actually pretty slow. There are other ways to solve it, but they involve abusing bugs, so I don't really want to say them.

The mechanic used in this puzzle is used in a lot of future puzzles. Being able to break the end cube, and move the others before it respawns is used in many puzzles. If your mouse sensativity isn't high enough to be able to do this, then you'll need to increase it.
AmazingAlex25 2014年12月7日 9時56分 
i got a problem when i pull the third cube to the right it breacks and dissapears please help
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