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Yot Yot5 2013年4月30日上午6:57
WHY am I the only person lagging?
I've watched piles of Youtube vids, browsed the internet hundreds of times, yet I can't find a single mention of lag on Antichamber. WHY then does my game lag whenever I play? I don't mean small pulses of lag, either. I mean constant, annoying, movement-destroying lag.

I have a Windows VISTA with 2558MB of RAM. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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Californ1a 2013年4月30日下午12:41 
It's most likely your gpu. My brother's computer lags with Antichamber as well, since his gpu is an integrated graphics card (basically, the gpu and cpu are the same thing if you have an integrated gpu). I believe the game (UDK) doesn't run as well on Vista as it does on Win7.

Also, your amount of RAM doesn't really matter for Antichamber, but yours is quite low for gaming. Generally, you'd want at least 6GB or more for (today's) gaming.

I suggest looking around for some UDK engine tweaks. You can find the necessary files you would have to edit in "%steam%\steamapps\common\Antichamber\Engine\Config" and in "%steam%\steamapps\common\Antichamber\UDKGame\Config". You will have to look up what changes/tweaks you could make, but these are where the files you would need to edit are located. (I don't have any problems running any UDK games, so I've never needed to look it up, otherwise, I would give you the full details of how to improve the performance)

I also suggest trying out the Razer Game Booster This helps improve performance of all games you run on your PC by temporarily shutting down unused applications while the game is running, and by lowering the game settings in the background.

-Californ1a, Mod
[PG] BertBurner 2013年9月13日上午1:01 
In my case it can't be neither gpu nor ram nor cpu. I can play crysis 3 and this game laggs? what kind of sorcery is this? (cpu: i5 3570, gpu: radeon 7950, ram: 12gb)
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