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DBladedPantz 2013年4月21日下午1:14
That moment you went, This is a GREAT GAME!
What element blew your mind?
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DBladedPantz 2013年4月21日下午1:20 
For me it was realizing how the game kept stacking onto your repetoire of abilities and showed you how you evolve your conceptions of the puzzle's difficulty as you explore and become practiced with certain elements of gameplay. Starting off feels so new and disorientating and you quickly encounter the poster about how you must take baby steps to learn anew. And then later on you reach a hall you've been to but couldnt progress down one side of and you pass through its obstacle and see a poster that says something like "tasks that seemed hard at first become easy with experience and usage." The game makes so much click together and at worst all you ever experience is being trapped in a room. You don't die, you can backtrack and move on. What a great indy title!

Edit: Also, that early challenge where you learn that failing to complete a task doesn't mean failure to progress! What a cool moment that was!
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Pemrich 2013年4月21日下午1:46 
The first time I turned around to see that the path I came from had changed seamlessly to a new path.
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Haramaty 2013年4月23日下午6:03 
I fell in love with this game the momment I returned back from the divergin ways and saw the new path....
my mindblown time was, of curse, getting to anti-chamber...
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